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Zoom Yoga Class Schedule

Practice live Yoga with me from the comfort of your living room

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Yoga: Zoom Class Schedule

Hatha and Slow Deep Vinyassa Flow

Monday's 9.30am - 11am (GMT) 

In this class we will bring attention to our focus point for the week whilst building strength and alignment through classic Hatha yoga postures linked with some slow concious Vinyassa flow. Great class for all levels, build up your breath, strength and discover your bodies proper alignment whilst learning about how the yoga practice effects our whole internal self. 

 Relaxed and Resotrative Evening Yoga

Wednesday's 6pm - 7pm (GMT)

Allow your body to recover from tension as the muscles, joints and connective tissues open and soften whilst we hold poses for a little bit longer and relax down into them.Bringing attention to our breath and the focus point for the week this practice will also allow you to connect in with yourself and enjoy a deep sense of space and stillness your mind as well as your body. 

Hatha and Energizing Deep Vinyassa Flow

Friday's 9.30 - 11am (GMT)

In this class we will bring attention to our focus point for the week whilst opening the body, and mind. Linking Hatha yoga postures with the breath into a slow concious Vinyassa flow. Great class for all levels, build up energy, mobility and discover your bodies potential whilst learning about how the yoga practice benefits our whole being. 


Why Yoga?

“The body benefits from movement, and the mind benefits from stillness" Sakyong Mipham

Whilst many in the West imagine yoga as a relatively modern and dare I say ‘trendy' way to stretch and stay fit, people in India and across the East have been living a yogic lifestyle in order to gain personal freedom, health, longevity and a heightened sense of understanding of themselves and the world for thousands of years. Without connection to any organised religion, it is a system devised by the Ancient Vedic civilisation of India who developed it as an holistic life system (the physical postures being just one element)) by which to gain the most knowledge of life. The term ‘Yoga’ (directly translated as Yolk or Union) encompasses the Vedic peoples philosophy that to find union between the Mind, Body and Breath equates to Self Realisation, and thus peace within oneself.
So whilst many of us first come to yoga (myself included) as a way of getting fit, limbering up, recovering from an injury or just to relax, what we can take away is really so much more. I feel that whether we are practicing a flowy class to build stamina, coordination and energy, a slower hatha class to open the body and build strength, or a more restorative approach to stretch muscles and connective tissues and promote healing, it is important to weave in some philosophy and deeper consciousness to what is happening and how it can improve our sense of wellbeing, so that we can feel the benefits of yoga, in body, mind and breath. I have been practising Yoga since 2014 and qualified in my RYT 200hr Teacher Training in 2020 through the East +West Teacher Training School ( I chose this course located in Bali, both because they are highly regarded as one of the best teacher training programs in the world but also because the program leader Deep Kumar ( is a Yogi Master whose teachings and style I greatly respect. Through a lifetime of learning yogic philosophy as well as postures, he has devised a practice method which incorporates the therapeutic benefits of yoga with a combination of Hatha and Vinyasa which he has named Deep Conscious Vinyasa

So weather you are fit as a fiddle or feeling a bit creaky please feel free to try out one of my zoom classes... Your first class is a gift so nothing too loose... it might be just what your looking for!

Yoga: Why Yoga?
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