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Bio-Energy Therapy

Cleanse and Balance your Energetic System

Bio-Energy Therapy (BHT) is a technique devised from the ancient healing modalities of the East based on clearing and restoring the flow of the bodies natural Life Force Energy System (also known as Qi in Chinese Medicine or Prana in the Indian Aryvedic system). This practice works on the 7 main energy centres knows as Charkras, which are located from the base of the spine to the crown of the head and connected to the Meridians ( or Nadis) which channel energy throughout the body and are also connected to the organs and glands. I will asses the Chakras through a variety of techniques, using their hands to read the body's electro magnetic field and identify where there may be energy blockages or deficiencies. These can then be cleared, re-charged and balanced, allowing Life Force Energy to flow throughout the system and healing and enhanced well being to prevail.

BEH therapy can have many benefits to health and wellbeing including;• Relief from emotional anguish, suffering or trauma• Support physical healing and cell regeneration• Helps alleviate pain and tension in the body• Reduces lethargy and increases energy• Boost immune system• Can relieve symptoms of allergies and skin conditions• Improved life quality of those living with chronic health conditions

Following an initial consultation, where we can discuss what you would like to work on and any other health concerns the session can begin. It is for the most part a non-invasive hands off therapy and will involve both standing (not necessary if you are not comfortably able) and sitting with your feet off the floor. The full session will take around 1 hour but all you need to do is relax and breathe! A full course of BEH therapy will usually require 4 or 5 consecutive sessions in order to achieve long term lasting results and is important as each session has a specific depth and purpose. (Depending on your requirements and desire, It may be beneficial to you if we combine BET with some Silent Counselling in one session).

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