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Advanced TFT. (Silent Counseling)

To find happiness we must be responsible for our own inner wellbeing

WHAT IS SILENT COUNSELLING?The practice termed Silent Counselling is a non-invasive Meridian based therapy which uses muscle testing techniques to read the body's energetic bio feedback system. The Meridians (or Nadis in Aryveda) are the networks of channels in the body through which Life Force Energy (known as Qi or Prana) flows. This holistic approach identifies and releases blockages in the body’s energy system to prevent and heal both physical and emotional ailments. Meridian therapies have been used in Chinese Medicine such as Acupuncture and the Indian system of Ayurveda for centuries and are now becoming prevalent as a relevant alternative to pharmaceutical treatment in the West. As opposed to the Western approach of treating the symptoms, this approach identifies the root causes of the imbalance and works on releasing these so that energy can flow and promote healing whilst reducing the likelihood of recurrence. Put simply, muscle testing allows your body to communicate the suppressed emotions which have become trapped in the energy system from past or current events and are preventing energy flow. Once trapped, these can be triggered at any point causing emotional reactions such as anxiety, depression, stress, low self-esteem, helplessness, lethargy and resentment to name a few. Alternatively they can manifest themselves physically and cause pain, disease or reactions such as aches, digestive problems, hormone imbalances, arthritis and rashes. The effect of stress on the physical body for example is well researched and documented, but all those other emotions we may experience in our lives can also affect us physically.

HOW CAN SILENT COUNSELLING HELP ME?Silent counselling can be immensely beneficial to help you get through a difficult period of your life or if you struggle with any sort of constant or recurring repetitive thought patterns that can cause you to feel any sort of negative emotion such as;• Worry and Anxiety• Depression• Low self esteem• Fear• Stress• Isolation• Frustration• Rage• Resentment or Passive Aggression• Jealousy/ Envy• Heartache• Helplessness• Guilt/ Self Blame• Grief/ Loss• Detachment• Clinging to negative experiences of the past• Lethargy or lack of motivation/ direction• Phobias• Addictive Tendencies
If you find yourself experiencing any or several of the emotional issues listed, or any other not mentioned, it can feel like a heavy cloud through which you must struggle to see through and may greatly affect your enjoyment and perspective of life. It may even resemble a ‘washing machine' in your mind, preventing you from seeing where one feeling starts and another one ends. Silent Counselling can help by identifying and breaking down what each feeling is as well as when and how it entered your system, thus allowing you to see it for exactly what it is, and then consciously release it, so that it can no longer negatively affect you.

CHRONIC PAIN, PHYSICAL CONDITIONS, or NOT HEALING FROM PHYSICAL INJURIES?These can also be rooted in energetic blockages. By identifying what, where and when blockages occurred and releasing them we can change the frequency of messages the mind sends to the body which can be severely affected by pain and physical trauma. The body is constantly regenerating and replacing old cells with new, as we can see from the amazing ability of the skin or bones to heal from trauma. However if for example, you have been suffering from a long term health condition or chronic pain, perhaps caused by an injury, then the message the brain is constantly sending the body is that we are in pain or our bodies are ‘broken', and so rather than healing, the cells continue to regenerate in this way. Through releasing the emotions that manifest themselves in the experience of pain or disease, we can adjust the frequency of the messages between mind and body, allowing the body's natural healing abilities to resume.
Ultimately, although in the West we have traditionally tended to view the mind and body as separate entities, through an holistic approach we can start to appreciate what has always been the basis of Eastern Medicine; mind, body and energy are all one system working in tandem together.

WHAT HAPPENS IN A SILENT COUNCILLING SESSSION?One of the great benefits of this therapy, especially in the current climate, is that it can be done in person or over a video call. As long as you are not under duress but coming to it with an open mind and genuine desire to heal, if I can see you I should be able to muscle test you. (Note; a small number of people may not be able to be muscle tested due to a variety of reasons but this will be checked in your initial consultation and alternatives can be discussed if necessary)After an initial consultation we can identify what you would like to work on and proceed from there. It may be that you find one session is adequate, however up to four sessions are usually recommended in order to really get to the core issues and cleanse your system so that you can enjoy the long term freedom and transformative effects of releasing the emotional ‘baggage' in your system.Once a blockage has been identified, we can determine the root cause, and even the timing of the event that caused it.  This can then be released by a process of light pressure on the meridian point and breath work, allowing energy to flow again and natural physical and emotional healing to occur.The beauty of this technique, as the name suggests, is that you are not required to talk about the event or emotion in question. Just as long as you can resonate and access it within yourself you can release it, without the need to discuss or re-live the whole experience with the Councillor. However many people do find it cathartic to talk about their experiences as we identify each blockageThis is a highly personalised therapy and there may be anywhere from 3-10 points that come up in any one session so appointments may last from anywhere between 1-2 hours. However the length of the session will not be reflected in the cost which will be the same regardless, the important thing is that we keep flowing and work on what you personally need to release at the time.The most crucial element to the success of each session is your own personal willingness to heal, I as the therapist will simply guide you, but your mind, body and breath will do the healing.

You can read more about how this transformative technique changed my life on the page 'About Me'. 

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