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"I was at a low point in my life, with several aspects contributing to a difficult period. I was recommended Marinna through a friend, and the whole experience was incredible. I completed the full silent counselling course, then followed with a full reiki course. Marinna is extremely friendly and professional, and explained each step of the process. It was intense, but I was blown away by it all. I knew very little about emotional blockages and energy flows before the counselling, but each session I was completely amazed. Marinna really helped me uncover and face underlying emotions and events from 15 years ago that I had never truly let go, and they were still affecting me. I have absolutely no doubt that I would not be at the stage I am now without her guidance. The reiki is a perfect follow on from the silent counselling, helping me feel refreshed and realigned, and it even sped up the recovery of a physical injury. I can’t wait for more reiki sessions! I cannot recommend Marinna highly enough, and especially the full courses! Thank you!"

Bio Energy, Reiki and Advanced TFT

"I’ve been doing Yoga three times a week with Marinna and I love it! We join in on Zoom from our own homes and connect for a chat before each class begins and this has created a real sense of community. Marinna knows us all and recognises our individual needs. She is a very supportive teacher, planning each practice to match the needs of the class with a different focus each week. Marinna gives very clear explanations of the postures, and will include optional  challenges, enabling us all to take part fully regardless of experience…..or age! We finish each class with a sense of well being in body and mind.

I would never miss a class and can’t speak highly enough of Marinna as an excellent teacher who believes wholeheartedly in the benefits of Yoga and inspires us all!"


"After feeling lost for a very long time, I had come to terms with the idea that I may just be someone who was like that. However after a few sessions of silent counselling with Marinna, i feel lighter, less burdened by my thoughts and a lot happier within myself. I feel like I have direction again which is exciting. My sessions felt like an incredible journey where I learned so much about myself."

Advanced TFT

I have been attending Marinna’s online yoga class since May, over lockdown, and can definitely say that I feel the benefits both mentally and physically. I had never done yoga before and wish I had tried it long ago. I feel stronger in my core, my balance is better ( this was a great help during my walks in the snow and ice) and my joints are less stuff. Perhaps the best benefit is that I understand myself better and have realised It is ok to spend time on me and not always to be looking ahead or backwards. Marinna is an excellent teacher and gives plenty of clear instructions with alternative poses depending on how you are feeling or what level of ability you are at. The yoga classes have certainly helped me get through these difficult times. Thank you Marinna.


Marinna brought so much amazing energy to our 2019 yoga retreat in the Scottish Highlands. There were flavours that were new to everyone and beautiful presentation of food. You know that you've found a good chef when everyone on the yoga retreat comments on the food more than the yoga! I recall one dessert in particular where there was complete silence for a minute or so, with the odd 'mmm', 'oh' and 'gasp'...those are the sounds of truly satisfied yogi bears!

Private Catering

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