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Yoga and Holistic Therapies

Recover, revitalise and empower yourself with Mana-Loa energy

Hello my name is Marinna, I am a yoga teacher, holistic therapist and private chef based in Perth, Scotland. 
I am currently teaching group Yoga classes on Zoom three times a week or you can book a private session. 
If you or someone you care about is struggling with your emotional well being, physical pain or ongoing health conditions I can also provide Advanced TFT (Thought Field Therapy) over video call. This is especially beneficial for those struggling with their emotional health and wellbeing during the pandemic.

I am now also taking private catering bookings in Scotland for the year ahead so please feel free to get in touch with enquiries.

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What is Mana-Loa?

This ancient Polynesian term translates as 'The Great Power'. Mana-Loa is the highest frequency of Life Force Energy, it flows within us all, we need only to access it.

Through Yoga and holistic therapies I seek to share the practices which have transformed my life with all who wish too feel well, content and secure in themselves.  

"The body benefits from movement and the mind benefits from stillness"Sakyong Mipham

In learning to practice Yoga you can not only become stronger and more agile, you can heal, maintain, and balance every part of your inner system, bringing a renewed and beautiful quality to your life.

Inevitably we all suffer emotional and physical pain at some point in our lives, but instead of masking, enduring or becoming overwhelmed by our suffering, holistic energy medicine takes the approach of addressing the root cause of blockages and imbalances that get caught within our system and allow the body and mind's natural healing abilities to bring us back to ourselves. This has been my personal experience and I am grateful to be able to help empower others on their way to finding relief from physical and emotional turmoil. 

The purpose of this inner work is not to change who you are, but to embark on a  journey that will positively shift the perspective from which you see and experience your life. 

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My Services

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You don't need to be flexible... only willing!

I am currently teaching 3 group Yoga classes a week on zoom. These are accessible to adults of any age or experience level so please don't hesitate to have a go. Private classes are also available over video link for individuals or groups.

Classes timetable;
Monday – 9.30 -11am (Hatha and Slow Deep Vinyasa Flow)
Wednesday – 6 - 7pm ( Relaxed Hatha and Restorative Practice)
Friday 9.30-11am (Hatha and Energising Deep Vinyasa Flow)

Your first class is a gift so feel free to come along and give it a go. Thereafter classes are £4 each or 3 for £10.  These classes are accessible to all levels and pose variations will be given so you can adapt the practice to your bodies needs.
Ideally you will have a mat of some sort and also handy are a strap (or scarf)  a block (alternatively a brick sized book or Tupperware will do the job), a cushion and a blanket. If you would like to join or have any questions please feel free to get in touch.
I am an RYT 200hour qualified yoga Instructor. To learn more about the practice of yoga, its many health benefits, and my teaching style please click the box below...


Advanced Thought Field Therapy (Silent Counselling)

The body, mind and spirit are not separate entities, but one whole... a self healing organism

The practice termed Silent Counselling is a modern take on an ancient healing modality, and can be extremely effective in the process of freeing people from emotional struggles such as depression, stress, anxiety, and phobias, as well as many health conditions and chronic pain. It is a non-invasive Meridian based therapy which uses muscle testing (kinesiology) techniques to read the clients energetic bio feedback system. In doing so we can identify blockages within body which are triggering both physical pain and emotional suffering, releasing them using the breath and gentle pressure on specific meridian points (similarly to accupunture). Thus allowing optimun energy flow to resume and natural healing to occur. This is a transformative and sometimes unfathomable process which must be experienced to be truly appreciated. It is non invasive so it is not imperative for me to be in a room with the client, meaning a session can be equally as effective over video call as in person. This method is highly individualised but require us to work in tandem together and for one receiving treatment to be open and willing to working on themselves as I guide you through where to put pressure and breathing techniques.

I am currently taking Silent Counselling sessions over Zoom or WhatsApp. Please feel free get in touch for a chat to see if this can help you. Consultation is free, thereafter sessions are £40 or £150 for a block of 4. Each session and can usually last between 1-2 hours. 



A boost of Qi to help you heal

Reiki is a holistic approach to healing that boosts the whole energy system so can benefit you in more than just one way. It can be particularly effective for;

• Reducing pain and inflammation
• Promoting healthy cell regeneration
• Reducing stress and anxiety
• Easing depression and lethargy
• Promoting relaxation and better sleep
• Complimenting and easing discomfort in the treatment of chronic pain and health conditions

The purpose of Reiki is to channel Life Force Energy back into the body and specifically to where it is needed so this boost can resume natural energy flow and aid both emotional healing and healthy cell regeneration. To learn more about this practice and how it could help you please click the box below...


Bio-Energy Therapy

Bring your whole system into balance

Bio-Energy Therapy (BET) is a technique devised from the ancient healing modalities of the East based on clearing and restoring the flow of the bodies natural energy system. 
We do so by assesing the body's electro magnetic field and identifing where there may be energy blockages or deficiencies so these can then be cleared, re-charged and balanced. This allows energy to resume its optimum flow throughout the system allowing for healing and enhanced wellbeing. 

Bio-Energy Therapy can have many benefits to health and wellbeing including;
• Relief from emotional anguish, suffering or trauma
• Support physical healing and cell regeneration
• Helps alleviate pain and tension in the body
• Reduces lethargy and increases energy
• Boost immune system
• Can relieve symptoms of allergies and skin conditions
• Improved life quality of those living with chronic health conditions

To learn more about this practice and how it may help you please click the box below...


Work Shops and Retreats

Immerse yourself and come up smiling

Humming Bee Yoga Retreat in Sitges, Catalonia - 9-16th of May 2021 (Lockdown dependent)

I have teamed up with my good friend and wonderful teacher Helen from Yamas Yoga to offer a week long Yoga retreat in a stunning Villa near Sitges, Spain. This will be a chance to immerse yourself in your yoga and meditation practice whilst also having of plenty time to enjoy delicious meals, the local area and relaxing by the pool overlooking the beautiful Garraf National Park. For more information and bookings please see our website 

The pandemic has currently put a spin in the works of planned events but hopefully we will be able to provide plenty of half and full day workshops in the not too distant future. 

Book Now

Bespoke Private Catering

Bring your foodie fantasies to life

Having worked in many restaurants, hotels, chalets and private homes I have been fortunate to gain experience cooking a variety of different styles and cuisines and I love to get creative so am happy to create delectabley bespoke menus to meet my clients desires. I am currently available for parties, weddings, holidays etc throughout Scotland for short bookings but am happy to travel further afield for bookings of two days or more. Please see the Bespoke Catering page for more details. 

Contact Marinna at Mana-Loa

Please feel free to get in touch to find out more, or book in for classes or a consultation. 

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